A deep dive summary into on of the most interesting books I read this year.
redundancy & adaptability in complex systems.
grit in architecture and cities
a foray into the complex future of economic growth
Grounding the latest trend in a long history of cold efficiency versus polycentrism.
on-chain community organization and the remote-first agora
On William Stanley Jevons, induced demand and Braess' paradox
In most complex systems boundaries are counter-intuitively the key to preserving diversity and guaranteeing resiliency.
How informal processes are vital to all functioning systems.
cities as ladder of opportunity, labor's decreasing share of national income & inter-regional versus intra-regional inequality.
How to start employing the fascinating innovations in Machine Learning to plan better cities.
DNA is not a blueprint - how can we leverage that fact to build better cities + an amazing book on the history of Rome and three articles on evolution…